Santa Monica edible tree/plant map

Get your bay leaves on Bay Street!

These maps, and the information herein, are intended to provide the general public with spatial information regarding the various edible flora owned and maintained by the City of Santa Monica. This geographic information can be utilized by urban dwellers to reap the harvests of these particular species.



Street Fare is not the first to map edible species for the means of foraging within an urban environment, nor will it be the last. However, it does utilize a dataset which was not previously used for this purpose - and so was born this small side project. 



The interactive map portion of this website displays the location of most of the edible plant species within Santa Monica that are owned/maintened by the City of Santa Monica itself. Note: A handful of species fall outside of the city limits (i.e. The northeast portion of SMO). Each orange marker on the map relates to an edible species at that specific location.


Happy harvesting!

Street Fare